Challenge Butter is all natural and made with real cream—a simple recipe that’s lasted over 100 years.

Challenge Butter has been a quality staple in kitchens since 1911. Churned from the freshest, purest cream, Challenge Butter and Challenge Unsalted Butter are the benchmarks for real, quality butters—making it the West’s best selling brand of butter.

Our award-winning European style butter adds elegance and flavor to your foods. With less moisture and slightly higher butterfat, you’ll make flakier crusts, smoother sauces, and more savory seafood, meats, and vegetables.

Available in Garlic Parmesan with Herbs and Salted Caramel, these flavored spreadable butters mix and match with your favorite foods for an outrageously flavorful experience.

Our spreadable butters have a superior taste because they are made with real Challenge Butter for a smooth, spreadable texture, even when cool. It’s real butter, not one of those synthetic, butter flavored alternatives. No compromising here.

Our whipped butters are the ultimate spreadable butter topping. You get the same real Challenge Butter that’s become the West’s favorite butter, but in a lightly whipped form. No added fillers or ingredients. It’s pure grade AA butter that’s ideal for spreading.