Sustainability for generations

At Challenge Butter, we’ve been churning quality butter for over 100 years. As a cooperative of family-owned farms, sustainability isn’t just an initiative—it’s a tradition.

Project Sunshine is an ongoing commitment to maintaining excellence and making progress in four critical categories:

Animal Welfare

GHG Emissions

Water Conservation

Renewable Energy

Butter Together

Challenge is a cooperative association of about 300 dairy farm families. As a co-op, our member-owners have a shared commitment to meet and exceed sustainability best practices.

As part of California Dairies, Inc., our farmers and we focus on quantifying and aggregating information about sustainability efforts to better our products and services for the animals, consumers, and environment.

Our member-owner farms have adopted Climate-Friendly Practices and Technologies* such as:

Climate-Friendly Practices:

  • Most of our farmers use certified Nutrient Management Plans and follow engineer-designed manure management plans to minimize their farms’ environmental footprint and help protect waterways and groundwater resources.
  • Many of our farmers participate in air quality programs that are credited with reducing smog-forming emissions from dairies by 30%.
  • Cutting waste and increasing nutrition ensures that 40% of our on-farm feed comes from agricultural byproducts – reducing the need for growing other feeds, helping dairy farmers use less land, water, pesticides, and fuel.

Climate-Friendly Technologies:

  • More than 75% of the electricity used on our farms is from renewable or carbon-free energy sources.
  • Nearly all of our member-owner farms have converted incandescent lighting to energy-efficient lighting, such as LED, fluorescent or high-pressure sodium.

Animal Welfare

Happy Cows. Better Milk.

We follow Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) standards and we were one of the initial participants. We have also adopted the globally recognized standard of the Five Freedoms of Good Animal Welfare.

Are those earrings? Kind of! Our cows wear ear tags to allow animal traceability and provide individualized animal care.

Are those earrings? Kind of! Our cows wear ear tags to allow animal traceability and provide individualized animal care.

GHG Emissions

Sunny skies ahead.

We have expanded our accounting of GHG emissions throughout the supply chain from farm to customer. This includes detailed metric tracking on-farm, throughout the transportation network, and within our milk processing facilities.

Our goals are led by the US Dairy Industry.

Water Conservation

Save water. Choose Challenge.

Save water. Choose Challenge.

Our member-owner farms exercise practices and processes focused on the responsible use of water, a scarce and precious resource.

CDI farms are located in and solely operate in California.

Renewable Energy

Greener farms,
one milestone at a time.

Our member-owner farms are helping to shrink our collective energy-use footprint to unprecedented levels and foster California’s ambitious transition to clean, renewable transportation fuels.

A cooperative on a mission.


The number of tie stall facilities on our member farms.


Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of California Dairies, Inc. that represents about 300 dairy farm families.


Of our farms are family owned and operated, with the exception of our University-owned educational farm.