Lemon Asparagus Orzo

Delight the pasta lovers at your table with this flavorful side, made with simple, fresh ingredients. We crafted the recipe with risotto in mind—creamy and rich with the flavor of broth and butter—but orzo plumps up in half the time it takes for arborio rice to fully cook.
Crostini are the best friend of home cooks who need a simple appetizer, fast. In this case, all it takes is slices of toasted French bread, a couple handfuls of peas—delicious fresh, but wonderful frozen, as well—fresh mint, lemon, and a crumble of feta.
Believe it or not, this sweet celebratory treat takes just five ingredients to make. The MVP? Our Salted Caramel Spreadable Butter, which provides a nice counterpoint to the tender strawberries and a flavor boost to the filling.
The magic of this dish lies in the stuffing: a fruity, tart, and beautifully complex chutney that’s rolled into a butterflied pork loin, then seared and roasted to a golden toast. Place it on the table for a special occasion like Easter, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, or make it for an intimate dinner at home.
Consider yourself warned: this candy-studded, marshmallow-sticky, caramel-flavored popcorn mix is impossible to resist. Make a batch for your Valentine, and a batch for yourself, if you must. You can also swap out candies and sprinkles for other holidays in other color schemes.
With just six ingredients, you can create an appetizer that’s at home anywhere from the dinner party table to a backyard cookout. As always for recipes with only a few ingredients, make sure they’re high quality to begin with because they will shine here.
It’s often the easiest and simplest recipes we love—not just because they’re delicious but because we return to them often, when longer cooking projects aren’t an option. This dish is an excellent example of how flavorful comfort food doesn’t necessarily require much time or technique to prepare.
A slow-cooked meat sauce and quick-cooking pasta is the home cook’s best friend on busy days. We like this dish for its satisfying simplicity and comforting flavors. Note: You might be tempted to skip searing the beef before starting the slow cooker, but even on the busiest days, it would be a mistake. A quick turn on the stove is critical to the flavor of the final sauce.
If a good sheet pan recipe is like money in the bank for busy home cooks, this one’s worth a mint. In under an hour, this one promises tender sirloin steaks cooked to perfection, fresh-roasted French fries, and an herby compound butter to tie it all together. If you close your eyes while eating it, you just might believe you’re in France.

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