• Buttery Sweet Pepper Crostini Recipe
    Want to savor the flavor of summer…right now? Then grab a baguette, some colorful peppers, and a cup of butter and you'll have an easy, irresistible appetizer! This recipe combines both sweet and savory flavors by caramelizing peppers and onions in a buttery, brown sugar sauce until tender. Then, top crispy golden-brown baguette slices spread with goat cheese. The flavor combination of this recipe is positively delicious!
  • A light and crispy pastry on the outside with the perfect blend of sharp cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon and a touch of cayenne pepper on the inside. It’s tasty and has versatility for any occasion.
  • Cheese Stuffed Endive Topped with Balsamic Orange Reduction
    A cream cheese lovers perfect appetizer. Individual endive leaves topped with a mixture of cream and blue cheeses, sprinkled with chopped walnuts, and then drizzled with a balsamic and orange juice reduction.
  • Prep Time: 30 mins
    Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Mrs. Cubbison’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps
    Seasoned chicken cooked in a delicious ginger sauce and wrapped in individual lettuce leaf then generously topped with wonton strips.
    Prep Time: 10 mins
    Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Cream Cheese and Sun-dried Tomato Torte
  • Creamy Pea and Asparagus Orzo
    Just like risotto but so much simpler! Orzo pasta cooks up like rice. Mixed together with a simple, creamy sauce and vibrant spring flavors—asparagus, mushrooms, lemon, and peas—this recipe is a quick and easy side dish, perfect for pairing with chicken, fish, shrimp, and grilling.
  • Butter and cream cheese provide the base for this elegant spread full of chopped, cooked shrimp flavored with dill, lemon juice, and garlic. Serve with crackers, bread rounds, or sliced cucumbers.
  • French Style Herb Spread made with Challenge Butter
    Very quick and easy to prepare, this flavorful variation of Boursin combines fresh herbs, butter, and Challenge Neufchâtel Cheese (or original Challenge Cream Cheese) to create a delicious appetizer or snack any time. Serve it in a small bowl or ramekin surrounded by bread or bagel slices, melba toast, your favorite crackers, or even vegetable slices and fruit.
  • Josephinas
    While this makes a great appetizer, it is also the perfect accompaniment to a spicy pasta dish or hearty soup. The green chilies add a little extra personality to warm, cheesy bread.
    Prep Time: 10 mins
    Cook Time: 5 mins
  • Lima Bean Hummus with Pita Chips Recipe Photo
    Exotic flavors transform frozen lima beans into this delicious appetizer with Indian and mid-eastern influences. It's excellent for entertaining, as a snack, or even as a sandwich spread.
    Cook Time: 50 mins
  • A sophisticated appetizer for any elegant affair. Serve with toasted french bread rounds/baguettes.
  • Orange & Pineapple Juice Mimosas Recipe
    Add a touch of elegance to your mid-morning menu with this tropically inspired take on the traditional mimosa. We add pineapple juice and a bit of grenadine to sweeten up this popular orange juice and champagne mixture.
  • Don't let an Italian catch you calling this an omelette. This egg-based dish is made with fresh vegetables sautéd in our roasted garlic and Italian herb flavored butter to give it a sophisticated, traditional Italian flavor.
    Cook Time: 15 mins
  • Pomegranate Martini Recipe
    A refreshing cocktail made with pomegranate juice, citrus vodka, Cointreau, ice, a splash of sparkling water, and an optional squeeze of fresh lemon.
    Prep Time: 2 mins
  • Quick and easy appetizer or snack
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms
    Fresh white button mushroom caps brushed with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Butter and stuffed with a sautéed Panko breadcrumb mixture and Mozzarella cheese topping. Serve as a quick appetizer or tasty side dish.
  • Made with a butter and cream cheese base, sun-dried tomatoes, and smoked paprika—a ground powder from wood-smoked Spanish sweet red peppers. Use semi-moist pieces of sun-dried tomatoes that are not packed in oil. Color of spread intensifies over time. Serve in bowl or ramekin with crackers, bagels, or bread.
  • Southwest Blackened Chicken Salad
    A flavorful salad of mixed greens, arugula, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives that is gently tossed in a homemade dressing then topped with Cajun chicken and crispy southwest-flavored tortilla strips.
    Prep Time: 10 mins
    Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Steak Salad
    A colorful salad topped with thin slices of grilled steak, red onions, red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, and seasoned croutons. It can be a meal unto itself or a hearty beginning to a lighter main course.
    Prep Time: 10 mins
    Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Tuscan Bread and Tomato Salad Recipe
    Enjoy garden-fresh tomatoes in this simple Panzanella recipe, a popular bread salad from central Italy. It's made with chunks of ripe Roma tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, fresh basil, a dash of salt, and crispy cubes of toasted bread classically flavored with our delicious Roasted Garlic & Herb Spreadable Butter.
  • A quick and tasty appetizer too sophisticated to call nachos. Simply spread Challenge Roasted Garlic & Herb Butter on flour tortillas, top with cheese, bake, cut, and serve.
    Prep Time: 5 mins
    Cook Time: 7 mins
  • Made with hard boiled eggs, this sophisticated spread makes a delicious appetizer to serve on crackers or bread rounds.
    Prep Time: 15 mins