On January 2, 1911, The Challenge Cream & Butter Company opened for business in a rented storeroom in Los Angeles to sell the products of cooperative creamery associations in Riverdale and Tulare. The staff consisted of a manager, assistant manager, bookkeeper, and delivery salesman. Four people. The new company owned a wagon but had to rent a horse to pull it.

By The Numbers

#1 Challenge Butter is the largest selling brand in the West.

By refusing to sell any butter that did not meet the highest standards, Challenge built a reputation for quality throughout the Western States.

100% 100% natural, without the use of the synthetic hormone rBST.

There’s growing consumer awareness and demand for natural products, and that’s fine with us. We’ve been 100% natural from the beginning.

1911 Quality dairy products for over 100 years.

Our dedicated dairy farmers and employees have maintained a tradition of quality and exceptional service since our inception in 1911.

600 Cooperative association of more than 600 family-owned dairies.

Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary with California Dairies, Inc., (CDI) and represents over 600 dairy farm families.

The legend behind the Challenge name.

Legend has it the company name "Challenge" was selected by the first President of Challenge Cream and Butter Association, J.P. Murphy. Over dinner, he studied a mural on the wall that showed two elk coming together to spar for the position of "king of the forest." Under this mural were the words, "The Challenge." At the time, Mr. Murphy felt that this was exactly what he and the dairymen he represented were trying to accomplish. They were challenging the other dairy organizations with a product that was known for its quality.

Project Sunshine is an ongoing commitment to maintaining excellence and making progress in four critical categories:

GHG Emissions



Amount of emissions we’re on track to cut by 2030.

Water Conservation



The amount dairy farm water usage in California has decreased over the past 50-years.

Renewable Energy



Our member farms that have installed solar energy projects.

Animal Welfare



The number of tie stall facilities on our member farms.

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