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Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Butter Crisped Garbanzo Beans

This post from Suzanne Clark is part of our guest blogger series.

This recipe is a modern twist on the classic pasta dish, using popular Mediterranean flavors, orzo pasta and a creamy feta cheese."

Creamy One Pot Pepperoni Pasta Salad

The ultimate summertime pasta salad! This dish comes together quick. Simply toss the pasta in a pot with broth, Italian seasoning and creamy Challenge Cream Cheese, then bring to a boil and toss with fresh veggies, Lindsay Olives and pepperoni once cool. It’ll be the first dish to disappear at your next BBQ, guaranteed!

Super Veggie Quiche Cups

This post is from Suzanne of Living a Creative Life, a regular guest blogger and Challenge Recipe Ambassador.

I am always searching for more ways to get veggies into our daily meals and snacks. As a mother of five children, we are always on the go and are looking for healthy options. For these reasons, I created these delicious “Super Veggie” crust-less quiches! "